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Churn and consumption decrease prevention

One of the main objectives of any business strategy is to get the most out of the company's relationship with its customers. However, their decrease in consumption or even their abandonment (measured as churn) go against the achievement of this objective.

Cross-selling optimization

To optimize cross-selling by means of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, we study and classify the individualized information of each client of the companies that use our solutions, in order to create accurate profiles, taking into account the purchase behavior and the preferences of each of them.

What is Big Data?

Erik Larson mentioned the term Big Data for the first time in 1989, but it was in the late 1990s that business intelligence tools to monitor and analyze business performance became popular.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Throughout history, many scientists (such as Turing and Boole, among others) have considered the possibility of building a machine that would reach an intelligence similar to human, and that is when the concept of Artificial Intelligence or AI is born.
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