Trust and safety

At Bionline we work to process our clients’ data in a secure environment, possibly one of the safest in the world. Our good practices pursue constant improvement in all aspects of information security.

In order to provide our services to a company, at Bionline we must process the data of its customers. These data are the “raw material” for the correct functioning of predictive algorithms.

Compliance with the Data Protection Law

Bionline always encloses in its contracts with clients the clauses that include its responsibility as “person in charge of treatment” of the client’s data, this is contemplated in the Law of Protection of Personal Data (Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21).

Operation and Security in the Cloud

Bionline leases its computing and data storage capacity to Microsoft, in a product called Azure, which is a cloud computing environment used by millions of companies around the world. This environment allows you to enjoy the rental of virtual machines, application services and information storage.

Azure’s security protocols are among the safest in the world, complying with all the conditions required by the Laws of the European Community regarding the protection of information.

Microsoft Azure has a Trust Center with certifications and a guarantee of compliance with European regulations and data protection regarding data processing in relation to security, privacy and compliance (

Third Parties

Cloud Computing

Bionline has the support of Microsoft through its Bizspark program, which helps “young and innovative” startups. This program protects us and helps us from the technological point of view in the use of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud.

Data protection

Notification of files, duty of secrecy and custody, and facilitating the exercise of their rights for clients. Personal data protection.