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Bionline strengthens its strategic alliance with Microsoft and integrates into its marketplace

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Bionline’s Artificial Intelligence solution has been incorporated into Microsoft AppSource, the marketplace of the North American technology giant.

AppSource is a platform that brings together different applications from certified partners after a meticulous selection process, which are ready to be acquired and integrated. The marketplace allows users to search by sector, functionality or application so that customers can choose the ones they want based on the needs they want to cover.

Currently, 5 Bionline products can be found in Microsoft AppSource: biXselling for cross-selling optimization, biUpselling for upselling or customer upgrade optimization, biRetention, focused on customer retention and abandonment or churn prevention, biRecommendations for personalized recommendations optimization, and biData, aligned with the management of large amounts of data to better understand the customer and able to generate powerful reports. All of them are directed at two of the industries on which the Valencian company is currently focused: banking and retail, and, within the latter, with special emphasis on supermarkets.

As José Manuel Narciso, CEO of the firm, explains, with this agreement “we are taking another step towards meeting one of the objectives that we have set for ourselves with the venture round, which is to expand our marketing and distribution channels.” Narciso is very grateful for Microsoft’s trust: “being able to join this portal is a significant milestone in our development.”

And, by the very nature of Bionline’s solution, being in a marketplace like this one that provides an excellent global showcase was a priority. Currently, all Bionline products are developed in the Microsoft cloud. The company’s relationship with the American multinational goes back a long way, since they trusted the project from the beginning and injected $ 180,000 for the development of the solution through its start-up program.

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