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Gran Angular podcast: interview with José Manuel Narciso

Jose Manuel Narciso tells us about the Valencian company Bionline. In these times, marketing has quickly adapted to a society overloaded with information and its habits and the huge amounts of information that companies have about their customers.

Bionline promotes Artificial Intelligence in Consum

Knowing the factors that influence the buying behavior of a supermarket's customers allows teams to make more accurate decisions and, thanks to the use of technologies like Bionline's, also to achieve increases of +300% in the conversion ratios of commercial actions.

AI solutions enable banks to improve their customer retention rate

Artificial Intelligence provides more and more value in different areas of society. Compared to traditional tasks developed with manual models, the increase in analytical capacity has opened a huge field of services to the financial sector, which relies on solutions based on machine learning to better understand the client and personalize their offers, adding a much higher value.