Artificial Intelligence
for banks

Equip your business analysts and your CRM with the best tool to select target audiences and personalized recommendations that maximize the conversion rates of your bank’s campaigns and promotions.

Thanks to the analysis of the anonymized historical behavior of your customers, you will be able to predict which ones are going to buy a product and which products they will like the most, and launch the campaigns to
the right audience.

Cross-selling and upselling

Use Predictive Intelligence to carry out the best cross-selling campaigns for Investment Funds, Consumer Loans, or any strategic financial product of
your bank.

Generate the best personalized recommendations of financial products for your clients, so that your personal managers or your automatic channels always have the best personalized offering ready to maximize the loyalty of your clients.

Personalized recommendations based on preferences

Abandonment and churn prevention

Identify the high value customers who have a high probability of abandonment before it takes place, to focus your commercial retention effort on the right target group.

Determine the best personalized recommendations for your clients, and know the map of recommendations generated at any level of aggregation of your product catalog, and the applied business rules and restrictions.

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