Discover how Artificial Intelligence can increase the sales of your company.

AI for sales optimization

Brands that already trust us

Collaborating Companies

Brands that already trust us

Collaborating Companies

Artificial Intelligence applied to business


Compatible with your CRM and Marketing Automation


Increase in the conversion rate of your campaigns and personalized recommendations

We extract value from your data by means of Artificial Intelligence to better understand your customers. This will allow you to strengthen their loyalty, increase the commercial productivity of your company and get the most out of your CRM and Marketing Automation.


Our solutions for sales and marketing

1. Cross-selling

Identifies customers with the highest probability of buying complementary products, to maximize campaign sales.

2. Personalized recommendations based on preferences

Identifies the best products for each customer through time, to grow the pocket share and the shopping basket, maximizing customer engagement.

3. Customer loyalty: upselling

Identifies the customers that are most likely to increase their consumption of a product, to maximize the pocket share.

4. Abandonment and churn prevention

Identifies the customers that are most likely to reduce their consumption or leave the company, to maximize the effectiveness of customer and product retention actions.

5. Next Best Action

Achieves a higher volume of sales, as well as an increase in the degree of satisfaction of customers who receive new products’ offers that truly interest them.

Designed for business users

You will be able to manage your customized Artificial Intelligence algorithms with our easy-to-use web application, specifically designed for business users.


Economic sectors

All companies can find a profitable use of Artificial Intelligence. These are some of the sectors with more possibilities. Do not hesitate to ask us how AI could be applied to your company.

News in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for companies

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We are innovation

Bionline has received the Innovative SME Seal. This is a recognition that the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities grants to companies that meet a series of requirements that prove their innovation capacity.

Since this seal is a national public recognition that highlights companies with a strong innovative character, we are very proud to have received it.

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