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Segmentation: the importance of clusters

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Segmentation is a key process that helps companies optimize their efforts and obtain a greater profit even in the short term.

The attractiveness of segmentation has much to do with efficiency, since directing marketing and sales actions to the optimal target audience will generate an exponential increase in effectiveness and, in addition, significant cost savings.


Beyond basic segmentation

The most basic segmentation that is usually carried out consists in grouping customers by demographic or geographic groups, for instance. However, thanks to the technology that, on the one hand, makes it possible to develop business with clients that are far from us, and on the other, allows them to be studied in a more optimal way, the segmentation process has evolved significantly.

In this context, cluster analysis consists in the use of mathematical models to define groups of similar clients based on the smallest variations between individuals within each group. In this way, elements such as tastes and preferences, and the purchasing pattern of each person are analysed individually; since we must bear in mind that within the same demographic group, for example, could have individuals whose characteristics as clients differ from each other.


The importance of data for segmentation

Segmentation can be especially useful for companies that have a large clients base and complex portfolios, as well as great amounts of data on both of them.

The optimised segmentation offered by the Bionline solution helps answering questions such as who is the ideal customer, how will it behave at all times, what does he or she like and what is the most appropriate action taking into account the point where he or she is in the life of the customer.

Undoubtedly, digital technology drives important changes in marketing and sales actions and in the nature of information to understand and map customers. In such environment, data plays a fundamental role, and using it correctly is a great advantage for companies that do so.



Through a proper segmentation process, in addition to increasing their profit and reducing their costs, companies can avoid spoiling their brand caused by actions aimed at the wrong target audience.




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