Artificial Intelligence
for supermarkets

Find out what are the factors that influence the buying behaviour of the customers of
your supermarket.

Our applications aggregate millions of data about them to predict their individual behaviour, so that your team can make better decisions and achieve +300% increases in the conversion rates of the commercial strategies of your supermarket.

Cross-selling and Upselling

Use Predictive Intelligence to carry out the best cross-selling campaigns and upgrade the consumption of products from the fresh sections, or from any group of strategic products of your supermarket.

Generate the best personalized product recommendations from your catalog for your customers, so that your POS, your e-commerce, your app or your channels always have the best personalized offerings ready for each customer, in order to grow their shopping chart allowing you to increase the pocket fee.

Personalized recommendations based on preferences

Abandonment and churn prevention

Identify the high level customers who have a high probability of significantly reducing it, before this drop takes place, to focus your commercial retention effort on the correct group.

Determine the best personalized recommendations for your clients, and know the map of recommendations generated at any level of aggregation of your product catalog, and the applied business rules and restrictions.

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